Greg Prime

In 2036, Greg Tipler accidentally kick starts the apocalypse. In an attempt to save the world as we know it, he travels back to the year 2011 to stop himself from ever ruining the future. But when he discovers just how sweet his life was in 2011, Future Greg decides he wants to live his life again... A life Greg of the Present is currently living.

Behind the Scenes: Coffee Shop

Behind The Scenes: Hitting a Naked Robot with a Car

Official trailer for the webseries Greg PRIME.

Behind the Scenes: Night Shooting

Behind the Scenes: Fight Preparation 

If I Can’t Reach My Indiegogo Goal I Can At Least Ruin Christmas. 

A comedy about murder? How avant garde!

To asure the quality of the products we will be purchasing with you, the donators money we have begun testing them. First up Energy Drinks.



That’s a little better…

Hell yeah, Conan fan art.